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References The following image gallery is only a small extract of equipment delivered in recent years and is intended therefore only to give a brief overview. Further References: VW Power Plant Kassel: 20- and 6,3 kV neutral point earthing system with Arc Suppression Coils and grounding resistors Public Utility Flensburg: 50 MVA, 60 kV transformer with automatic voltage regulation and earth fault compensation with earth fault detection in the 20 kV network ESAG Dresden: earth fault compensation with earth fault detection in medium voltage networks. Wind farm Enertrag: Delivery of 110 kV neutral earthing reactor, 20 kV short-circuit current limiting inductor and ground resistance ESCO (Kali + Salz): 6.3 kV eartfault compensation facility with residual current increase DSK: Harmonicfilter to 4 MW conveyor BKB Helmstedt: 20/5//0,4 kV skid-type transformer station with three-winding-transformer for the open brown coal pit.
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