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Company Profile General: Established in 1980, limited-liability company, registered with the Commercial Court Lübeck HRB 2332 AH, 17 employees Field of activity: Sales of consulting-intensive products, engineerimg, manufacturing and construction of product and facilities in the following fields: 1. SST Power Technology with a focus on - Neutral Grounding including earth fault protection. - Production of grounding resistors - Delivery of Arc Suppression Coils and earthing transformers - Earth fault compensation control, Earth Fault Detection - Complete neutral point treatment plants - Treatment of network feedbacks - Reactive Power Compensation - Harmonic Filters - Supply of Protective Devices 2. MRS Measuring and Control System Technology particularly in the field of power engineering with emphasis to - Power quality - Power measurement - Harmonic measurement Customers / market : Electric utility industry, heavy industry, basic industry, chemical industry, mining, electrical panel building, renewable energy. Team: We work in the external sales, technical administrative services and in the development with qualified graduate engineers who have highly specialized knowledge. Order Processing is made by ​​technically and commercially permanently trained staff with a high level of product knowledge. Location: In the city of Bargteheide with an own property with 3000 m² of production space and 500 m² premises for sales and order processing.
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